Types of Insurance Offered By BoINSURE

We offer our clients a range of insurance options through some if  Spain's leading insurance companies.

Car Insurance Costa Blanca

Motor Insurance

Protect yourself and your vehicle.

Spanish car insurance is an agreement that will cover dames to your car, damages to other vehicles if you were to hit someone else and other events that may occur. Car Insurance is a legal requirement and includes protected no claims bonus cover, 35 days courtesy car cover and full European breakdown cover.

Liberty Seguros offers a wide range of covers for your car Insurance that can customize and adapt to your needs at your own convenience.

Loyalty discount if you already have your house insured with us

Home Insurance

Building & Contents for all Types of Homes

Tailor made policies giving you the coverage you want

Immediate cover available

  • Policy in English, German, Dutch and Spanish
  • English, Dutch, German, and Spanish Speaking Customer Service Centre
  • 24-hour assistance, 365 days a year
  • Freephone claims centre available 24/7 365 days a year

Loyalty discount if you already have your house insured with us

Private Health Insurance

Health Cover for all ages and no medical required

Residencias – If you need to obtain Health Insurance in order to satisfy the Spanish Authorities, we can arrange immediate cover.

The benefits of our experience in serving the expat community together with the best doctors, best technology and personal service in your language are available whenever you need them.

Invest in your health with ASSSA through BOINSURE

Enjoy the peace of mind offered by our exclusive guarantees and our unique expat service:

  • Guaranteed for life Contractual guarantee of no policy cancellation due to age, illness or high usage
  • No premium increase due to age. The age you join is the age you stay.
  • In your language Personal and professional assistance in your language. Policy documents available in several languages.
  • Experience Experts in Health Insurance for over 80 years.
  • Top doctors Free choice within the comprehensive ASSSA medical directory.
  • Immediate access to specialists and private medical services with no waiting lists.
Life Insurance Costa Blanca

Life Insurance

Take care of your family incase something happens

Life Insurance ensures greater peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Liberty Life integrates a full range of coverage so that no matter what happens you and your loved ones will be completely protected.

With Liberty Life Insurance you will enjoy protection against

  • Disability
  • Serious Illness
  • Death
  • Coverage up to age 80. Liberty Vida covers you up to age 80, with a maximum of 65 years for supplemental coverage.

Funeral Plans

FUNERAL PLANS Protect your loved ones from unexpected costs

BOINSURE in Spain are authorised Agents for Golden Leaves Pre-Paid Funeral Plans and will help you pre-plan and make arrangements for your time of need. Very importantly at the time of need BOINSURE are the family’s local assistance, we will be on hand to support them through all the necessary requirements.  

  • Flexible payment methods available – 12Mths Interest free available
  • Independent Trust Fund
  • Choice of three types of plans
  • Dual country plan if you live in two countries
  • No health or age restrictions
  • Members of the National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans
  • Registered with the Funeral Planning Authority
Commercial Insurance Costa Blanca

Commercial Insurance

Simple, affordable, reliable Commercial Insurance

We know that your business is important to you. That is why Liberty Seguros is by your side. Commercial Premises service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We consider your insured goods at their value as new. In accordance with the terms of the policy, we provide compensation based on the cost of rebuilding as new. The contents are insured with “as new” value for their replacement.

Charitable Organisations

At BOINSURE, we are keen to support Charitable Organisations and realize the overheads take away from the monies available to help the community, we therefore commit that if any registered charity  takes out Public Liability or Business Insurance with us, we will donate back to the charity ALL of our commission.

Miscellaneous Insurance Costa Blanca


Insurance for all those little things that matter


Single Trip
Travel Insurance

Key Features Include…

  • Up to 180 Days*
  • Available for up to age 79*
  • Discounts for Couples & Families
  • Optional Covers Available

*Certain restrictions apply contact us for details

Annual Multi-Trip
Travel Insurance

Key Features Include…

  • Choice of 17, 32, 45, 90 Days*
  • 3 Levels of Cover up to age 79*
  • Discounts for Couples & Families
  • Optional Covers Available

*Certain restrictions apply contact us for details


Protect your pet with the best cover. Liberty Pet provides cover for your pet against all risks.

  • Damage to third parties, civil liability. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that Liberty takes care of all the physical and material damage caused by your pet, up to 300,000 euros.
  • In case of accident or illness. Liberty provides your pet with the best veterinary assistance. In the event of death, the expenses derived are covered to help you in the most difficult procedure.
  • Plus much more


If you are the owner of a leisure craft, this is your insurance.

Advantages of your boat Insurance

  • Mandatory civil liability insurance, with a sum insured limit of 333,566.78 €
  • Death or bodily injuries to third parties.
  • Material damage and economic loss. 

Community Insurance

An association of homeowners or your community association?

Cover the risks that jeopardize the habitability and comfort which all communities must provide to their owners and families.

Flexibility to adapt to each community’s needs.

Accidents Insurance

An unexpected event, or foresight?

In case of accidental death, an advance payment can be requested for urgent expenses.

Flexibility in terms of cover, guarantees and sums insured, which adapt to your needs.

Legal Services on the Costa Blanca

Legal Services

Legal Services for Expats living on the Costa Blanca


Continuing to work with our preferred Financial Advisers who are regulated and licensed in Spain, we can advise on many aspects of Financial Services including   

  • Solutions on how to Brexit proof your investments, ISAs, and Premium Bonds
  • Whether we can position your pension funds tax efficiently
  • Advise on solutions for UK bank account closures
  • Save on Spanish gift, inheritance, and capital gains tax
  • Free progress report on your current financial situation 


The NIE “Número de Identificación de Extranjero” is an essential document and is required for almost everything from opening a bank account, buying selling or insuring a house, to studying, applying for a driving licence to even inheriting Spanish assets.

TIE Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero or Foreigner’s Identity Card, is an identity card that acts as proof of your permission to reside in Spain.

BOINSURE in conjunctions with our trusted partners can take you through the whole process. Let us do the running around for you.


Having a Spanish Will to cover your Spanish is extremely important. Spanish succession laws can be quite different to other Countries, forced heirship can create many problems for beneficiaries and probate can be very problematic if there is no will in place.

Through our trusted partners Boinsure will make all the arrangements for your Will to be processed in Spanish and your language.


Losing a loved one is difficult enough without dealing with the bureaucracy that is involved in Inheritance acceptance, especially if beneficiaries are not living in Spain. We can take care of all the paperwork gathering and act as power of attorney if necessary.